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College Presentation Review: Texas A&M San Antonio

“Butter…Butter…Parkay!” Sonny Melendrez Spreads Enthusiasm with Motivational Speech

Radio and T.V. personality Sonny Melendrez spoke in front of more than 70 students in the Student Center during the lunch hour today during the semester’s second Brown Bag Lunch Series hosted by the Communications Club. The event, organized by club President Chris Ramos, initially attracted just a handful of students, but by the end of the hour Melendrez had the attention of everyone in the room.

Melendrez has performed as a TV host, actor, radio personality, writer, commercial spokesman, comedian and cartoon voice artist. Twice named Billboard Magazine’s “Radio Personality of the Year,” Melendrez was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and is included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the top 100 radio personalities of all-time.

A native of San Antonio, he is known throughout the city for his community service and fundraising efforts.  The Sonny Melendrez Community Center, located on San Antonio’s West Side, is just one his philanthropic legacies.

Enthusiasm and a positive attitude were a major part of Melendrez’s message to students. In a 30-minute message that included break-out skits and cartoon voices, our guest speaker discussed how students who truly go after something will be rewarded with success. His advice about never saying no to opportunities was refreshing to hear. It reminded me that accomplishing some of the little things in life can open new, exciting doors.

My favorite part of his speech was when he talked about setting examples. There is no one in this world that doesn’t look up to someone or has someone looking up at them. Setting an example, he said,  is vital in helping yourself and others succeed. To piggyback on that thought, he also said that people have their own authentic and unique lives. We all have our own burdens and tough days. Melendrez’s advice was to be helpful to hear because you never know what ordeals people are going through.

When Melendrez said he worked alongside Mel Blanc and did voices on the legendary cartoon “The Jetsons,” my attention sharpened. It was a joy to watch him tell a quick story about his life while showing off his imitation skills. I could see why and how he became successful in the communications business. He went from a tough environment during childhood to leading a professional career in Los Angeles by striving towards his goals, one by one. And, I believe it was that lesson that he was ultimately trying to project. He wanted the audience to realize that hope, hard work, never saying no to an opportunity, staying positive and helping others reach their goals will lead to a successful path. Much of that I’ve heard before, but it never hurts to hear it again, especially from someone with a terrific story to tell.