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Keynote Topics

Top Texas Motivational Speaker :: Sonny Melendrez :: Based in San Antonio


The Unstoppable Power of Enthusiasm! *youtube-play-button-smallWatch Video*

No matter the high-caliber of your industry or association, your members need to have their batteries charged; their passion re-ignited; their purpose re-kindled. In this story-filled presentation, Sonny proves how daily enthusiasm creates a personal source of self and team encouragement, making for remarkable and creative empowerment.


Character Matters: Life Lessons Learned from My Career as a Animation Voice Artist


youtube-play-button-smallEnthusiastic Leadership Success Using the Walt Disney Philosophy

Colleges & Universities:

youtube-play-button-smallBig Dreams begin with Small Actions” *Watch Video* Students are given a road map to success through a series of entertaining and relatable lessons.



youtube-play-button-smallA Wave of Change, An Ocean of Opportunity” Change is a constant in today’s fast-paced corporate environment and Sonny’s insightful presentation eases the uncertainty, provides hope for the future and inspires team members to re-commit to excellence.



youtube-play-button-smallGiving with Enthusiasm!” Sonny delivers a compelling presentation designed to reignite the passion found in all levels of charitable success. Volunteers, doners and administrators will leave inspired and proud of their unselfish efforts.

Teachers & School Staff Development & Convocation:

youtube-play-button-smallThe 4 Four Most Important Words We Can Say to Our Students” *Watch Video* Sonny rekindles the WHY teachers chose this purpose-filled profession by giving real-life solutions to challenges like, apathy in the classroom, bullying, difficult parents, budget-cuts, and more. A perfect presentation to kick off the school year or staff development.


Parental Involvement:

youtube-play-button-smallWhen Parents Believe, Students Achieve” – Want to fire up parents to get involved in their child’s future? This program takes the Parent/Teacher/Student partnership to a whole new level. Sonny challenges parents to engage in the process of a successful education.