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The Unstoppable Power of Enthusiasm!

Sonny Melendrez shares the true value of genuine enthusiasm. His motivational message is designed to entertain, inspire and offer a call to action!

Author of “The Art of Living With Enthusiasm!”, Hall of Fame broadcaster, and award-winning motivational speaker, Sonny Melendrez delivers a compelling message of the power of unstoppable success through enthusiasm, citing remarkable real-life accounts of those who inspired him through their kind and positive actions.

Conferences, companies, associations, universities and schools have enjoyed his 5,000+ presentations.

Testimonial :: SonnyMelendrez.com100% of our conference survey responses rated your presentation as excellent! Comments included, ‘Enrapturing, inspiring, and relevant’, ‘Great way to start our conference!’ Your keynote set the tone for the entire conference! ~Nancy Kinder, Chair, Financial Women In Texas Conference


Testimonial :: SonnyMelendrez.com

You were fantastic and I’m so thankful we discovered you! Your enthusiasm set the tone for a great conference that was enjoyed by all attending, which was exactly our goal!” ~Perry Cole, Executive Director, Specialty Pharma Association


Testimonial :: SonnyMelendrez.com

“Sonny was amazing! I heard so many positive comments about Sonny, from the men that attended the conference.” ~Joseph Liedecke, Director of Student Success, San Antonio College


quote-icon“Your dedication lies at the heart of what has made our Nation great: Individuals taking the initiative to give of themselves for the good of others. For all the good you do, and for all the people   your generosity touches, you have Nancy’s and my heartfelt gratitude, as well as that of the American people.” ~President Ronald Reagan


quote-icon“Your program was the most well received and most talked about presentation that I have seen in my term as a board member. Your ability to relate to our members was AMAZING. Your gift   for making people cry and smile at the same time left an impression that people are still talking about months later!” ~Trey Holman, Professional Photographers Association


Testimonial :: SonnyMelendrez.com

“Your message of change was perfect, along with your delivery and enthusiasm!” ~Jim Mickey, VP MetroPCS


quote-icon“Sonny is truly an enthusiastic individual and inspiring speaker– the real deal. I left the event uplifted and I’ve shared his messages every chance I get, ever since. Keep up the great work inspiring America!” ~Deborah Clary Dixon, President, Clear Channel Toastmasters


quote-icon“I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to hear Sonny speak. He is a highly entertaining and inspiring speaker. Sonny was humorous in imparting words of wisdom and    inspiration.” ~Brenda Hornyak, Insurance Professionals of North Texas


quote-icon“I have never heard so much appreciation voiced over any of the other guest speakers we have had over the years. Your message was delivered with such honesty and fervor and yet you were so  entertaining and had everyone laughing and then listening so carefully to every thought you were presenting! You have a fascinating story of your own to tell and such a myriad of experiences  to draw upon in the sharing of that story. I think we all felt renewed in our dedication – and our enthusiasm for helping!” ~Margy Lohoff, Methodist Hospitals Blue Birds of Texas


quote-iconSonny can energize a room, while bringing event messages to life with his unique ability to make a script sound like story telling.” ~Elaine Coronado, Argus Events, Washington, D.C.