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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Finding Your Star

Leonardo da Vinci was right about several things, but perhaps his most powerful thought was what gave him the determination to bring his dreams to life. It was the idea that “he who is fixed to a star does not […]

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The Overbelievers

Several years ago, at a radio conference in Los Angeles, I remember the legendary programmer, Paul Drew, was in the “hot seat” of the main session, allowing any and all questions from the audience of broadcast professionals. Before taking the […]

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The Night I Sat In The Oval Office

On the evening of September 23, 1990, I sat in the Oval Office. Yes, the office of the President of the United States!
My visit to Washington was one of several invitations to host the White House Hispanic Heritage Awards. That […]

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To Believe Is To See


“All that you dream to accomplish and aspire to be is very possible, no matter where you think you are at this point in your life.”
A few years ago, I hosted the opening ceremonies of the International Senior Olympic Games […]

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When A Comedian Becomes A Dad

Pick a favorite comedian and chances are you’ve watched their material reflect their personal growth over the years. Finding irony in every-day observations is what they do.
And, while thinking fast, choosing the right words and perfecting their timing are all […]

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Make A Difference

As a writer, my challenge has always been to share stories, observations and good news that will hopefully make the reader feel better about being alive. Awhile back, I wrote a piece for the San Antonio Express-News in San Antonio […]

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I believe in signs.
I cannot tell you how many times in my life, I received what I believe to be a sign or message I needed to hear.
Recently, as my wife Linda and I were driving home from the airport, […]

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How To Listen To Life

In 1897, a musicologist and music critic for the New York Tribune named Henry Krehbeil wrote a book titled, “How to Listen to Music.” Henry said it was for the “untaught lovers of the art.”
Perhaps, that is what many of […]

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My One Minute Coaching Session

Let’s have a coaching session, you and me, right now!
Imagine that I’m sitting across from you at your favorite coffee shop. For the next several seconds, let me help you, help yourself, get to where you want to be.
My first […]

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