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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Radio Vision

A local weatherman asked me a question the other day and he was dead serious: “Where do you see local television and radio in the next 10 years?”
Good question.
Now, while I don’t have a crystal ball, I do know how […]

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908 1/2 Nolan St. ~ A Tribute to My Dad

My dad, the late Joe A. Melendrez, Sr., was a barber who probably never made more than $600 in a single month, and yet he was able to support his family and send his boys to a private Catholic school. […]

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Take Me Out AT the Ball Game

You may not believe the story I’m about to tell you, but I promise you it all really happened.
Several years ago, in San Antonio, Texas, Karen Sexton, came home with a souvenir from a Friday night ,San Antonio Mission’s baseball […]

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