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Make A Difference

Make A Difference :: Sonny MelendrezAs a writer, my challenge has always been to share stories, observations and good news that will hopefully make the reader feel better about being alive. Awhile back, I wrote a piece for the San Antonio Express-News in San Antonio that has resulted in response beyond my wildest expectations.

Countless readers from all walks of life have made a point to tell me how much the article touched them and many have mentioned that they actually carry it with them and read it often.

Several years ago, I was handed a small card and offered a blessing by a gentleman in Alamo Plaza and, thinking it was an advertisement, I stuck it my pocket expecting to later throw it away. When I finally read the printing, I realized what a treasure of wisdom I held in my hand. Here are the exact words:

Make A Difference – Six Rules

Rule One – Take responsibility for your life. Stop making excuses. Make yourself responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions.

Rule Two – Be a majority of one. Do what is right and good. Don’t worry about being popular.

Rule Three – Don’t let the fact that you can’t do all you want to do, stop you from doing what you can do. Do something.

Rule Four – Don’t hate people who use violence. Evil only begets evil. Love those who don’t agree with you.

Rule Five – Always be involved in helping someone. Use your life to enrich those around you. Be a nourisher.

Rule Six – You can make a difference if you fill your life with love and service. Our true wealth and greatness is the good we do.

The kind soul who took it upon himself to print his advice to the world and hand-deliver it to one fellow human being at a time is not a member of the media. He doesn’t have a radio show or a newspaper column. And yet, his action has made a difference.