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Aren’t We The Lucky Ones? ~ Inspiration from Downton Abbey

Photo courtesy PBS

Photo courtesy PBS

It’s been said that messages come to us when we most need to hear them and often from an unlikely source.

If you have lost a loved one, whom you think of daily and miss dearly, may you find comfort in what I am about to share.

There’s a line from a scene in an episode of the popular PBS TV series, Downton Abbey, that has become a mantra for my wife Linda and me.

As you may know, the award winning show, set in the English countryside at the turn of the century, offers a fascinating look at life among royalty and commoners alike.

At one point, three of the main characters, brought together by circumstance and fate, find themselves taking stock of the ironic hand life has dealt each of them.

Lady Mary, daughter of Lord and Lady Grantham, lost her husband Matthew in an automobile mishap, just after giving birth to their son. Lady Isobel Crawley, Matthew’s mother and a widow, mourns the loss of her only son and late husband, Reginald and Tom Branson, once the family chauffeur who fell in love with and married Lady Sybil, Mary’s sister, remembers his young wife who died of a serious illness, shortly after their daughter was born.

All three sit in a room remembering their precious loved ones, taken away much too soon.

Lady Isobel: “When I got engaged, I was so in love with Reginald, I felt sick. I was sick with love, literally!”

Tom: “It was the same for me, as if I’d gone mad or been hypnotized or something. For days, weeks, all I could thing about was her.”

Lady Mary: “And, me. I was standing outside in the snow and I didn’t have a coat, but I wasn’t cold. Because all I kept thinking was, ‘He’s going to propose! He’s going to propose!’”

Realizing the good fortune they each had to have shared such a special love with their husband, wife, sister and son, Lady Isobel, ever the optimist, takes pause and then offers,

“Well, aren’t we the lucky ones?”

To have known the joy of someone’s laughter, the warmth of their smile and the memory of the times you shared with a love in your life is something that no one can ever take away. It is treasure many would give anything to feel but a moment its bliss.

Aren’t we the lucky ones, indeed.