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Moving The Alamo


Over the course of my radio career, April Fools Day was always a opportunity to have great fun. Especially when half of my audience was in on the prank.

Here’s how it worked: Everyone listening before 7:30 am was told about the “trick”. I told them that at 7:30 am I was going to make an announcement about a rumor we had heard that City Council had voted overnight to move the Alamo to make room for a new hotel. After I made the announcement, I asked, “Where do you think the Alamo should be relocated?” I gave the early listeners a code word, so my call screener knew they were in on the fun.

That’s when the fun began! While the early listeners were actually making suggestions for a new location, the post 7:30 am listeners were outraged that this was going to happen! The calls we got were hilarious!

I never said it was an April Fool’s prank. I didn’t have to. Sooner or later those who fell for it would talk to some one who knew what we had done….together!

Happy ‪#‎AprilFoolsDay‬!



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