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The Sonny Melendrez Podcast 002 – Iconic Singer Gary Puckett provides unexpected inspiration

Sonny greets Gary Puckett and Union Gap at El Paso Airport – March 1969

Sonny explains that this is his second podcast and why you, most certainly, missed the first one.
He reminisces about someone he met during his early days of […]

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Gasoline Alley

In 1970, while attending a radio conference in New York, a friend took me to a small café in Greenwich Village. I remember that there was a juke box in the corner, blasting out song after song.
Suddenly, a large cheer […]

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Radio Vision

A local weatherman asked me a question the other day and he was dead serious: “Where do you see local television and radio in the next 10 years?”
Good question.
Now, while I don’t have a crystal ball, I do know how […]

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Rocking Dreams with the Rolling Stones

Everyone in radio has a story about their young fascination with this incredible medium. Some of us will even tell you about the irony of our future as it relates to our past. We’re the ones with the most pinch […]

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