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The Thrill Is Gone: Rest In Peace Dear B.B. King

B.B. King 19-25-2015 :: The Thrill Is Gone

Photos by Bill Diven

On October 24, 1970, I had the pleasure of introducing the legendary B.B. King, in concert, at New Mexico State University. I remember he was soft-spoken and very personable. After the concert, we talked about why he named his guitar, Lucille. He was performing a concert in small hall in 1949, when two men began fighting over a woman and knocked over a barrel burning kerosene, used to heat the place. When King got out of the burning building he realized he had left his $39 Gibson guitar inside and ran back into the fire to retrieve it. He later learned that the woman, the men were fighting about, was named, Lucille.

Before we said our goodbyes, B.B. said, “Wait, I have some thing for you, Sonny. He took off his watch and presented it to me as a way of saying “thank you” for playing his music and supporting him over the years. May his giving-spirit rest in peace. ‪#‎bbking‬

Note: These photos were snapped by Bill Diven,who, at the time, a 2nd year student at New Mexico State. He is now one of the most respected photo-journalists in New Mexico. Visit him at FotoGrande.com