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TEDxSanAntonio Theme:: Now You Know - Fall 2016Welcome to the TEDxSanAntonio Podcast, hosted by Sonny Melendrez and recorded during speaker rehearsals, leading up to the Big Event at the new Mays Family Theater at the Witte Museum on November 12, 2016. Theme: Now You Know You’ll find ticket information and the complete speaker line-up, here: TEDxSanAntonio Announces Speaker Line Up for 2016 Fall Event *Special thanks to TEDxSanAntonio co-organizers, Angelica Mata and Kelly Strait, TEDxSan Antonio franchisee, Chris Sandoval and Geekdom Community Manager, Christian Torres for their help and enthusiasm for this podcast!

TEDxSanAntonio Speakers

Ethan Aldrich – UNIT Innovations Founder, Software Developer
Despite our rapid progress with technology, we are leaving technological gaps in industries and social issues impacting millions of people.
Lindsay Bira – UT Health Science Center San Antonio Assistant Professor & Clinical Health Psychologist
The Counterintuitive Life: WHY we do what we do, and WHEN we should do the opposite.

Travis Block – San Antonio Science and UT Health Science Center San Antonio, President and Post-doctoral Research Fellow
How would you spend a billion dollars?

Tony Bowie  Southwest Research Institute, Employee Development Manager
Humility; Five words and phrases we should use more often

Louise Craig  Louise Craig Designs, LLC, Artist
Do You See What I Hear – Sound Made Visible (Cymatics) Captured in Glass
David Holmes – Santikos Entertainment, Chief Executive Officer
Santikos Entertainment is now a social enterprise. Transforming this company has presented unique challenges. Success will forever change San Antonio.

Sarah Lyons – Sarah Brooke Lyons Photography, Professional Photographer
What photographing 1005 Faces taught me about listening, community, and transformation.
Reuben Lashley – Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Minister
Consider the platypus: What we can learn at the cross section of evolutionary biology and religious understanding.
Dr. Esteban Lopez – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Texas Chief Medical Officer and President Southwest Texas
Equality for all. It’s the American Way, right? Not exactly. Health inequities are challenging Americans across the United States.
Heidi Musser cXo, Advisor, Master Agilist, Mentor, Speaker
Everything has changed, everything must change, everything will change.  Including YOU.
Art Nicholson – San Antonio Attorney
Writing About World War II in the Twenty-First Century
Douglas Petersen – Inspire, Chief Inspiration Officer
A Day In The Life Of A Dust Off Pilot
Lisa Phillips – Gizmo’s Gift
CEO, Founder, & Pres
The importance of our nation’s military working dogs (MWDs); honoring them while on active duty and taking care of them in retirement.
Stephanie Scheller – Scheller Enterprises, CEO
Life Lessons from My Horse
Jason Straughan – Codeup + Grok Interactive, Co-Founder
Praise be the Pioneers – How These Entrepreneurs Change Communities


Rob Wicall – Retired Spurs Coyote
Life According to Fur